Lime is your best source of available calcium when your crop needs it the most.
It rates 7th in view of importance in Agriculture compared to fertilizer which rates 15th.
Anytime is a good time for aglime. The key is "Put it on, don't put it off!" Aglime reacts with the soil on contact, so applying it at anytime is better than delaying the application.

Use Aglime for healthy soil and improved fertilizer efficiency.

Aglime can improve the physical structure of the soil by reducing surface crusting, increasing water-holding capacity, and reducing soil erosion. This allows crops to better tolerate drought and wet conditions. Aglime also reduces toxic soil conditions, can increase nutrient availability to plants, adds calcium and magnesium to the soil and increases herbicide effectiveness.

Terra-Gator Floating Vehicle

Increase both Crop Yield and Quality
County Lime's has a Terra-Gator Floating Vehicle for spreading lime, equipped with GPS guidance system.


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